out by 16 or dead in the scean,but together forever

omg...dont kill kenny!!

21 August
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i love south park and i hate u!!!e3dort read if your squmish.

Boy Meets World Is Love

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South Park is potty-mouthed love.</ name:whitney age:13 hair:brown with blond streaks(mt real hair color) eyes:brown fav tv show:south park fav movie:ginger snaps band:blink-182 food-lol u dont wanna know likes:some people,my dog,my friends,my lj friends dis likes_some people,preps,wannabes, <a href="http://quizilla.com/users/darkmoonrain/quizzes/What%20rating%20is%20your%20journal%3F/">mc17
What rating is your journal?</a>
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Friends Are Reliable Love

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South Park Is Robotic, Ninja-Star-In-The-Eye, Anti-Conformist, Metrosexual, Do-What-You-Want Love.


Meet norman
my adopted


Brigitte and Ginger are sisterly love
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